Two Steps Back

Two Steps Back by Marc Block 2009 © Glasspool Music

Bright green on the sycamore and willow
Only ash and the oak are still bare
Gospel Dylan’s in my headphones
And it’s a slow train takes me there
Slow train takes me there

And I’m one step forward, two steps back
Down the slippery slope I go
Walking up the down escalator
Climbing on a greasy pole

Oh mercy I’m on my way to the city
Men are talking of the game without end
Recent things that you said are on the rise
I’m just trying to help a friend
Just trying to help a friend

We stop in our tracks in the country
Swollen river fills the meadow
Blossom’s on the bush, the wind is blowing
Fields are green and turning yellow
Green and turning yellow

One across the table, one beside me
Remaining strangers, in red
Man it’s true I hardly know you
But right now you’re always in my head
You’re always in my head

In Bartholomew’s Yard the sun is shining
There’s so much that I don’t know
In the gatehouse I can stop for a while
And I let my whistle blow
I let my whistle blow

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