Brisk & Breezy (2016)

*The making of Brisk & Breezy was partly crowd-funded, with the kind assistance of Hugh Miller, Ian Brown, Priscilla and Dragonfly, Shokti, Paul Swift, Juliet Woodin, Peter Wood, and many others.


Listen to My Young Man

This album revisits the “jaunty acoustipop” of Marc’s former band, Marc Block and the Breezes (later Marc Block Trio). Marc has overdubbed his own voice, guitar, bouzouki, harmonicas and percussion, with further backing vocals by Rachel Delicata, and double bass by Martin Bentley. It’s an exuberant collection of mostly original songs, with a couple of reworked traditional songs and a couple of covers, and includes new recordings of some old favourites from his younger days.

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Brisk & Breezy CD including UK P&P

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The Hawthorn Spring (2103)

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Listen to Windswept Islands

With Seth Tinsley (guitar), Elly Lucas (fiddle and viola), Alex Cumming (accordion), Jay Leivers (guitar), Will Pound (harmonica), Roy Bailey (backing vocals), Lucy Ward (backing vocals).

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The Hawthorn Spring CD inc P&P

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One Year From Now (EP, 2010)


Listen to Mary Hamilton

One Year From Now is no longer available on CD, but downloadable free here

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