The Old Fool

The Old Fool by Marc Block ©2009 Glasspool Music

I’m bound to quit you but not just yet, I’m shamelessly obsessed
You fill up my screentime, you’re not like the rest
Your look’s not all it is, I’m entirely fascinated
I’m shooting-star-struck and sorely infatuated

Oh, oh, the old fool is calling
From time to time, I’m down and up again
And when you’re there, you help me through
Help me back to where I can do the things I need to do

I’m scrutinising every line for any kinds of clues
You and Oscar and your angst are giving me the blues
You once called me darling, I wish you hadn’t done
I must suppose it’s just a pose but it seems to lead me on


I keep rolling in late at night hoping you can chat
You tell me what you think I could do about that
You I wish it was when I’m beside myself
I wake up thirsty, besotted and on the shelf
I was close to driving half the day just to see you play
You would surely get it if I gave the game away
You’re young and complex and decidedly cool
I’m on the rebound, just a lonely old fool

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