One Year From Now

One Year From Now  by Marc Block © 2010 Glasspool Songs 2010

We travelled South in convoy, some good friends and me
In the high summer glory among the haybaled fields
We pitched up on a wind-grown hawthorn’s hill
Sat and shared a simple meal

I believe another angel came my way
He told me, “Stay as happy as I see you are today
Do this for me, and one year from now
I’ll see you here again”

I met one once before many years ago
He showed me it was time to come out and face the light
His beauty took my breath away but I never told him so
And in the end I lost him in the night

Now all around were revelries, dancing and song
But I was aching from an emptiness inside
At night I lay down and wept away to sleep
In my heart I knew a part of me had died

Come the morning I began to seize the day
I had to get to work to get back in the fray
I took my chances and I played a winning round
And took away the crown

With his long golden locks I saw him everywhere
Speaking of ghost-writers and picking up what’s mine
When at last he came to me asking how it went
I said “Everything’s just fine”

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