One year from now

One Year From Now     Marc Block 2009 ©Glasspool Music

I believe another angel came my way
He told me, “Stay as happy as I see you are today.
Do this for me, and one year from now
I’ll see you here again”

We travelled South in convoy, some good friends and me
In the high summer glory among the haybaled fields
We pitched up on a wind-grown hawthorn’s hill
Sat and shared a simple meal

I met one once before many years ago
He showed me it was time to come out and face the light
His beauty took my breath away but I never told him so
And in the end I lost him in the night

Now all around were revelries, dancing and song
But I was aching from an emptiness inside
At night I lay down and wept away to sleep
In my heart I knew a part of me had died

Come the morning I began to seize the day
Had to get to work to get back in the fray
I took my chances and I played a winning round
And took away the crown

With his long golden locks I saw him everywhere
Speaking of ghost-writers and picking up what’s mine
When at last he came to me asking how it went
I said “Everything’s just fine”

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