My Young Man

My Young Man by Marc Block ©2011 Glasspool Music

My young’s a fine young man, a fine young man is he
A fine young man is my young man, as fine as he can be

My young man is brisk and gay, he’s handsome, tall and true
His pretty mouth smiles and lights his eyes of palest blue
And when he takes me in his arms the world and all its cares
Fade from view and disappear as he his sweetness shares
We met on a grey cold day, a-walking by the Tyne
Where I went to face my fears and leave some stuff behind
And there I opened up my heart just like a morning bloom
Surprising me with joy he took me gently to his room


He unhooked my hang-ups and he flung them on the floor
I showed him my worries and he showed them the door
I can tell him nigh on anything and he won’t bat an eye
I’m truly free to be myself with this young man of mine
My young man gives of himself freely and with love
Showers me with bounties that I never dreamed of
And now and then he’s fragile too, and if he’s feeling down
He’ll trust that I will be there, to soothe away his frown


Hardly any hour goes by that I don’t think of him
I’m put in mind of his tender love by almost everything
A bath, a bird, a curious word, an unfamiliar tree
We share in my imaginings wherever he may be
My young man always knows the very thing to say
No matter what the distance he’s the one who shows the way
And all he is and all he does appeals so much to me
Whenever we’re together, I am his entirely

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