Monday-morning Blues

Monday-morning Blues by Marc Block © 2009  Glasspool Music

Still getting tangled up where I should know better
Still thinking there’s smoke everywhere
I take my glasses off and I rub my eyes
I know it really can’t be there

I used to be immune to the Monday-morning blues
It started well but now it’s just not like it was before
These days it sinks me just like anybody else
I can’t say that my heart is in this any more

There’s someone watching over my shoulder
Their science leaves me cold and staring
Could get tripped up any minute now
But I struggle to find myself caring

Feel I might snap any time now
Things could suddenly go haywire
It’s not a walk in the park you know
And a treadmill famously goes nowhere

My mind is up there in the cirrus
Far away and feeling blue
I’m treading water, I’m touch and go
Only feel okay when there’s not a lot to do

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