Hal An Tow

Hal An Tow Marc Block/Trad © Glasspool Music 2012

Take no scorn to wear the horn
It was the crest when you were born
Your father’s father wore it
And your father wore it too

Hal an tow, jolly rumble-o
We were up long before the day-o
To welcome in the summer, to welcome in the May-o
For the summer is a-coming in and winter’s gone away-o

Robin Hood and Little John
Both are in the green-o
And in the greenwood we will go
And see what they have seen-o

The Hornèd Hunter and the Hare
Are rising for the dawn-o
To be the first to chase the buck
And run all in the morn-o

Warmer days are on the way
And that’s what makes the May so gay
The garland wound around the pole
Makes the Queen’s delight

The fires that we light tonight
Blaze all in the field-o
And those that make the sacred rite
Bless and quick the yield-o

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