Greenwood Laddie

Greenwood Laddie  Trad arr. Block

If you’d seen my dearest, his eyes are the clearest
His lips are as red blood that’s new-dropped on snow
He is tall, neat and slender, his hands warm and tender
He’s my greenwood laddie wherever I go

By yon shady bower we spent many’s the hour
Plucking the flowers from the cool crystal shore
Where his sweetly stolen kisses met my fondest wishes
He’s my greenwood laddie and the boy I adore

Now if I had the jewels of the East or West Indies
Or all of the gold of the African shore
I would give them all freely to be with my treasure
My greenwood laddie and the boy I adore

My companions, my darling, they spite you and scorn you
Because you’ve no promise of roses ‘round the door
But the more that they slight you, the more I’ll invite you
To be my greenwood laddie till time is no more

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