Eyes Wide

Eyes Wide by Marc Block 2008 © Glasspool Music

Seven years old, teenyboppin’ disco
Crocodile Rock and I love your Tiger Feet
Fourteen, big school disco,
Stayin’ Alive and Yes Sir I can Boogie
Had so much fun learning how to dance
But I grew up slowly, got too hung up on romance

There was a time, I was young, I was shy
I would hide on the floor on my own
I’d get up and fly but I’d close my eyes
And I’d try not to feel so alone
But that was a long time ago
Now I dance with eyes wide open
I’m dancing with you
Want to see what I feel in my hips and my heels
Want to see you feeling it too
Dancing with my eyes… wide…

Eighteen, Friday night disco
Tainted Love and Karma Karma Chameleon
And my longing’s a guilty pleasure
Can’t let the pretty boys see me watching
I didn’t have the nerve to take that chance
‘Cos most guys, they don’t want my kind of romance


Getting old now, but still love to move
To Rock Around the Clock all Brisk and Breezy
But no longer am I bound by the
Hope against hope that used to dog me
I’m free to feel the heart-beat and life-blood of the dance
‘Cos oh boy in you I’ve found my romance

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