davy cornish

Davy Cornish     Marc Block 2009

© Glasspool Music

Come gather and attend my tale
Sad as any you will hear
Concerning my unquiet mind
And the crime that brought me here
The crime that brought me here

I stand upon the gallows high
Condemned I am to death
For the murder of my wedded love
I robbed him of his breath
I robbed him of his breath

We married young and were in love
But never blest with child
And through the years he came to hate
His cruelty drove me wild
It drove my wits wild

I could not live the life I had
I scarcely could see straight
It was like a mountain high to climb
Dragging through each day
Dragging through each day

One day a stranger came to town
He was handsome, neat and kind
Davy Cornish was his name
And soon he filled my mind
Soon he filled my mind

In secret then I thought of him
And it set my heart aglow
But if he felt the same for me
Now I will never know
Now I will never know

One summer Sunday afternoon
When burning was the heat
My husband took me for a walk
Among the shady trees
Down in the forest deep

I tried my best to make it good
Blackberries I picked him three
Asking him of his hopes and fears
While nothing did he for me
Not a thing he did for me

He stumbled on a twisted root
And fell and hit his brow
‘Twas then the madness made me strike
I grasped an oaken bough
A fallen oaken bough

Oh Davy Cornish where were you
When I was young and free?
If only I had been your bride
This death I not see
This death I might not see

Oh friends ye need not weep for me
And neither should ye mourn
My happiness could never be
From the day that I was born
From the day that I was born


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