Cradle of Sunshine

Cradle of Sunshine by Marc Block 2008 © Glasspool Music

We’re not so different, you and me
We both have the same view and we quite like what we see
But sometimes things just seem to hurry us too far
Let’s take the time to set things free

Take me rolling, take me dancing, to a garden in a dream
Take me laughing, smiling, running to the end
Take me from the mountain down to the sea
And lay me in a cradle of sunshine, beautiful friend

You like to feel the waves surround you
And I like to hear the breeze that whispers in the bay
We like to take a ride and turn it all around
So come on let’s spark the fire today


And now we’re lost among the circles in the sun
Don’t notice anything but the wind
It’s such a feeling like we never will come down
It goes around and round again


Life’s not that simple for you and me
We each have our troubles and we struggle to find the key
But sometimes we can forget them for a while
Love finds the way to set things free


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