Faerie Fire Dances

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Your CD will be signed, then lovingly and discreetly posted to you by First Class Mail in a plastic-free envelope.


Downloads can be ordered via Bandcamp

Marc’s new album consists largely of songs inspired by his connections with the Radical Faeries – an indefinable worldwide collective of Queer nature-loving souls.

Some of the songs were auctioned as bespoke songs, some written by other Faeries, some just have a spiritual or Queer slant, and some are not Faerie songs at all, other than being sung by one. Marc has a host of very talented friends playing alongside him, including Simon Dumpleton, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan, Gina le Faux, Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews, and Martin Simpson.

“…a cast like that does not pin its colours to the mast of any ship other than the most seaworthy” – Dai Woosnam, Living Tradition

Faerie Fire Dances was partly crowd-funded, with the generous help of Shokti, Diana Wilson, Helen Garvey, Paul Swift, Andrew Smith, Julie Hindley, Edwin Beasant, Rob Rhead, and many others, to whom Marc is very grateful.

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